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G-Forum on Ice-Track 10.03.2007 in Älahärmä.

Jus like all ways, it must bee fun to drive!!

Mika Kalliokoski, arrange again this fantastic happening. Thanks to Mika all ready

What we want that YOU DO, good reader!! If you are coming You must at ones, call/send e-mail to Mika or me. We must!! knew how many people are coming and who is thinking to stay over night!

Mikas mobile 0400 663496, e-mail: (name)@kolumbus.fi. My mobile +358 400 890 443 and e-mail:(name)@kolumbus.fi

After driving on the track, we go to sauna (and drive again). We eat, maybe take some vine?

Then we see "some" videos, few hundred photographs, maybe some books, even magazine...and WE DRIVE again.

One night, with a meal and breakfast, coat 40€ / person. Driving on the track 10 - 20€/ car.

WE REALY like to have some visitors from Sweden, Denmark, Germany.... or is it so that "The Flying Finn" is too much??

From French, a few people are planning to visit, so You too!! Just be there. I help with all travel info in Finland. Jus e-mail to me.

So IF YOU DIDIN'T understand YET( I knew you!!) You must at ones, call/send e-mail to Mika or me, thanks mate!

Here are some picture from 2006 events... "Who was the KING on the track????"

G-Forum was on Ice-Track 11.03.2006 in Älahärmä.

Jus like allways it was fun to drive!!

Mika Kalliokoski has organised again jus a fantastic happening, thanks Mika

At first the sun was shining, then start snowing like "gat`s and dog`s". But hey, we sit in the Gordinis so here are some photos. I hope you join of them!

These first photos are from the future Gordini drivers! Jere and Niko Kalliokoski. This is the secret of "Flying Finn". Education must start as soon as possible

As you can see even a little Gordini can go sideways and roll over. But the wonderful sound of these little cars and the passion of these little drivers....IT REALY WAS SOMETHING!! ps "The difference between fathers and sons toy's was ???"