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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

Toni Herrala with Jarno Metso and Renault 8 "Gordini" in Historic Rally series at Finland 2009
Toni build his car him self (with his father Heimo) in Herrala Garage at Orimattila Finland
You can see many photos and a story from that project in "cars 2" pages >>Tonis new Gordini.

This story is fallowing Toni's rally driving in Historic series 2009.
Big thanks to all you who promise to use your photos in this site, THANKS.
What I really need is MORE PHOTOS, so please if you have photos from Toni, Send it to me thanks.
My e-mail is jukka.suvisalmi(@) Write on headline Tonis photo THANKS to all you!

Toni and his fast R 8 "G"

Toni and Gordini at rallies !
Mänttä 200 ralli Hictoric. Ek. 1

Here they are, photos from Ek.3! Mänttä 200 ralli Hictoric. No words...just photos..

Photos J.Suvisalmi

More Photos are coming from Tonis garage VERY SOON!!!

Here is afew photo that I have got, THANK`S for these to Mikko and "The Gang""START YOUR ENGINE" !!!

2009 HISTORIC RALLY TROPHY / FINLAND >> Toni rules with Gordini!!
  1. 1.OP-Suonenjoki ralli 10.1 >> Toni won his class and were 17 overall from 89
  2. 2..K1-Ralli Raisio 14.2 >> Toni were 2:nd in his class and were ? overall
  3. 3.Iisalmi Ralli 21.3 >> Toni won his class over 1 minute!! and were 10:th overall
  4. 4.Teijo-Talo Ralli Salo 23.5 >> Toni won his class a gain for 1 minute!!! and were 5:th overall !!!
  5. 5.Lahti Historic Rally 30.5 >> Toni didin't take part at all.
  6. 6.Mänttä 200-ajo 19.9
  7. 7.Lammi-ralli 10.10

2009 HISTORIC RALLY TROPHY overall situation so far.. >>
This is the officiall site in Finland >>>>
Historic trophy class from year -70 to -81. Situation after >> Teijo-Talo Ralli Salo 23.5
  • 1.Markku Taipale Ford Escort RS 2000
  • 2.Veli Kukkonen Ford Escort RS 2000
  • 3.Pekka Laaksonen Ford Escort RS 2000
  • 4.Toni Herrala Renault 8 Gordini 1300!!
  • 5.Mika Turkki Opel Ascona 400
  • 6.Pekka Päivinen Ford Escort 1600
  • 7.Jussi Koskinen Volvo 144 S
  • 8.Raimo Linden Toyota Celica 1600
  • 9.Sami Jaakkola Ford Escort 1600
  • 10.Jarmo Lindberg Talbot Sunbeam ti

Toni with R 8 "G" is 4:nd overall ! Just like in late 1960...Good driving for a young man.!!

Thanks for these photos to Mikko Nieminen and Hannu Verkkonen.