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Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

13:th Vernasca Silver Flack / Italy 27-29.06 PART 2 !! Pitlane cars!!

This were the 13:th Silver Flack Historic hillclimb parade pitlane in Saturday!

I thing that photos can speak them self.... Just one thing. These cars are fantastic!!

Luigi Moreschi motorsport Team from Italy

Luigi Moreschi Motorsport Web page link!

Alfa Romeoooooo... GTA.. ZAGATO....Abarth.....Lancia....

Abarth, Ferrari, Porsche, Lagonda, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Maserati, Bebes!, Sauber, Maclaren, Fiat, BMW, Elva, Lola.........

Lola, Cooper, Abarth, Ferrari and meny others formula race cars.....Prototypes like Porsche, Abarth, De Verez, Maclaren....

This is not Renault Dauphine!! It is De Verez Prototype racing car!!


A very fantastic story and IN-CAR VIDEO!! is in Patricks site! I Go and see it!!


Big thanks to all PEOPLE (England, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France..) in Vernasca for makin our trip so FANTASTIC! Extra thanks to Patrick and Nathalie!!

Part 3 !! with SUBERB Race photos are coming in next !! Regards to all Jukka