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2008 Jukka Suvisalmi. All rights reserved.
Story & pictures: Jukka Suvisalmi

13:th Vernasca Silver Flack / Italy 27-29.06

This were the 13:th Silver Flack Historic hillclimb parade! in a very beautiful little village called Vernasca.

This is one of the biggest events in Italy and maybe biggest "parade"!

In Finland when we have a parade, we all drive very slowly and plaplapla.....ok.

In Italy and in Silver Flack... oy boy.. ALL DRIVES LIKE IN RACE! Even the Polis drivers with their own cars!

I am very happy to see that kinde of passion for POLIS!! They even stopt the trafick in the center of village for "varming these slowly race cars like Ford GT 40, Porsche prototype, Ferrari F1 and so one...", in the middle of the village!!

I have an thought for this event before we start( Me and my wife Tarja) our trip in this event. I was so out with my thoughts, SO OUT!!

When Patrick and Nathalie (Boislivau) invaite us in this trip, we immidiatly say jes! Patrick has been 9 times in this event so he knews this event.

You readers must remember Patrick and Nathalie but still.. Patrick is the webmaster in www.r8gordini.com site in France and they were our quests in G-Forum Ice Track days 2008 in Rovaniemi. Patrick is allso knewn for his "De Verez" prototype car. With De Verez Patrick were driving in Silver Flack in this year.

Part 1 from 13:th Vernasca Silver Flack / Italy 27-29.06 report.

I hope you enjoy and start plane to make a trip in Vernasca Silver Falck in 2009!!

Here is website to Vernasca Silver Falck. Go and see...

Vernasca silver Flag

Be there in 2009. We certanly are, with Gordini DOHC.

Here we are waiting for our Friends in Milano air port and waiving Finland's flag. They call and say " Hello, Yes we are only 2 km from airport" Patrick??

Weather was fantastic, as you can see from the car instrument! Only 34.5 at 10.00 am!

We have a lovely hotel in near by Vernasca village. Air-condition, good breakfast, nice people, good food and beautiful boss!


After we have eaten, we go to see Patricks "De Verez" Prototype. There was a surprise to us, flack of FINLAND on the doors!

Patrick asks earlier from me to be his co-pilot in this race. Of course I say YES!!

New record in weather at this trip 39.5!! IT was too hot for Finnish people!! But still so nice!

Now we come to Vernasca Silver Falck parferme area!!

See the photos and enjoy like we did !! And remember that "parade!!" is starting to morov!

Abarth, Ferrari, Porsche, Lagonda, Bugatti, Alfa Romeo, Ford, Maserati, Bebes!, Sauber, Maclaren, Fiat, BMW, Elva, Lola.........

Red was very populary and nice color!!

A very fantastic story is coming in Patricks site! Go and see it too!!


Big thanks to all PEOPLE (England, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, France..) in Vernasca for makin our trip so FANTASTIC! Extra thanks to Patrick and Nathalie!!

Read the entry list so you can see what kinde photos are coming.....

Part 2!! with SUBERB photos from car details and people are coming in next weekend !! Regards to all Jukka