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Pictures and text: Jukka Suvisalmi

MECA PARTS, RENAULT ALPINE / GORDIN part`s supplyer from FRANCE www.mecaparts.com.

BOSCH DYNO figures from ex,motor and the Super motor!!
My Gordini Gr:2, (VIB-12) with a new motor on the track 2006. It realy flyes with Meca Parts pistons ! !!

A new motor at to my Gordini 1296ccm
We wisited in Meca Parts at our "MENS" trip on France, so this is the part 3 of our story!
I write e-mail to Patrick (Merlin) to Meca Parts, we are coming to France and we like to visit there too.
We bought a very meny parts to Finland Gordins and of course at our cars too.
To my car, we were building a new motor for rally use, so a new piston/liners set was very important to buy.
For competion use, Meca Parts has a different pistons, so we make a deal from them.
New shiny pistons are good looking or what? Meca Parts

In oil sump, we make some changes. Now the oil is there where it must to be, not all over the crankshaft. Very important thing !
A Little changes at the cylinder head but only little. New IN-valves (+1mm) modifications to the canals. New exhaust pipe and so one.
In 2002 we rebuild the engine and then it was almost original. 1296cc and better exhaust system (gr 2)
Then we visited at Seppo Harinen / HESTEC and drove the car in the BOSCH dynamo. Seppo is very well known and highly respected tuner in Finland.

As you can see ,Seppo has always right cap at the right time in his head !
In 2002 we got next figures. (111hp at 6630rpm and 130Nm on 4900rpm)
Now in 2006 with all those changes, we get next figures. (125hp at 6992rpm and 133 Nm on 5175rpm)
The good area to drive is now from 4200rpm / 125Nm to 6700rpm 125Nm max 133Nm.
It was in 2002, from 4200rpm / 125Nm to 5500rpm / 125Nm max 130Nm.
We thing that with the exhaust changes we still can get even better and wider area to drive, but lets see.
Now the usefull area in my Gordini, is good to drive. It is wider and it takes easily 8000 rpm on 5: th gear ! See the video in You Tube !
Heimo and Toni Herrala (Herralas Garage) built the motor and here are some photos of it.

For more information, visit the website at www.hestec.fi.