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Renault 8 1974 R8 TS

Rodrigo Espinosa and his Renault 1974 R8 TS from Spain!

Hello Jukka
I've been looking for information regarding the famous R8 Gordini and Alpine cars, and looking throuh the internet I found your site. It's incredible!!!

I have a restoration project, a 1974 Renault 8 TS this is a mexican-spanish version of the famous french R8 Gordini.

It has some of the accesories that the gordini had but it didn?t had the same stuff inside. I would like to make this car as close as possible to a real gordini, I?m looking for a 5 speed gearbox and a nice and more powerfull engine.

I atach some pics of my R8.

The floor and the front suspension bridge were so rusty that I had to remove them. I built a new frame and got a new front suspension brige from wrecked R8. I`m sure it lost some of its colectible value, but from the structural point of view it improved significantly.

I have almost all the interior complete, just some thing missing like the rubber carpet. New wheels are been made, gotti six spokes replica.

I want to modify the braking sistem with a newer technology but i don?t know what can be adapted. Probably just a power booster or something.

Hope you enjoy the pics.

Thanks a lot!!! Best Regards Rodrigo.

Hey Rodrigo!

I really can sure to you that all our readers are enjoying these photos.

You have make a very good Renault to you self!! Good job, mate!!

With best regards, Jukka.