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2 Renault 8 Gordini Projekt + other model`s / Sweden

Hi Jukka

Sending you some pictures and specification of my cars. some of the cars are not so racing inspired so you are free to choose if you want to put tem on your exelent hompage

Renault 8 Gordini 1967.

I bought the car in the vinter of 2004. the car have never been raced with so i bought a quite compleat car but with alot of rust.

The picture are the shell before fixing the rust (the shell behind is a friends 1135)

It looks quite OK on the pictures from when i bought it but i was alot of rust bouth in fenders doors and in the supporting structure. So I took the car apart and left it to a friend of mine that exhanged the bad parts

The current status of the resturation is a emty shell with base primed bottom (se attached picture). The gearbox is restored and the enginge is about to be (original but with 1296cc and a little bigger valves) Hopefully i will get it running to the summer of 2010. i will try to keep you updated about the restaration The goal is to get the car looking as it did in 1967.

Hei Magnus, Try to get it redy for our 3:rd Ice-Track days on 2010 at end of January!! Jukka

Renault Dauphine 1960.

I bought the car in januari 2006. Took some vacation so it was ready in May of 2006

Specification. R8 Front suspension, R8G Backsuspension, Front radiator,Widend fenders in plastic, 13" mad' in for asfalt 13" borani for grawel,13" cosmic For Ice >> To Ice-Track day 2010 !! Jukka.

R8 Gearbox (will be exhanged to a 5 speed gordini gearbox with closer gear ratio) 1400 r12 engine with lighter lifter, polished cylinder head, extractor manifold and a Weber 40 DCOE

The car looks like shit but goes like a rocket:) (faster than my brothers clio 16 S from 0-100 km/h)

You can find more pictures on all my working cars on my Garaget webbpage just click on the picture of the car you want to see
Garaget Webbage

That was all for now. Thanks for a great website

Best regards Magnus Janard Sweden

Thanks Magnus for these photos and from the story too. I hope we can have more photos from your projeck`s.

It is nice to see, what car you take with you on 2010 at 3;rd Ice-Track day`s!! Jukka