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Toni's new car is for sale >>Renault 8 "Gordini" Rally / Finland

Change for Alpine 110 or sale > Renault 8 "Gordini" Rally / Finland

This Renault 8 "Gordini" is a NEW car!! Everything is rebuild, everything!!

Body, paint, all elektric's quipment and cabels, ENGINE, GEARBOX with limited slip, roll bares, seats, EVERYTHING!!

Gordini has FIA.pass and all documents for Rally use. It is not originall Gordini so it is very good for rally and race use!!

Engine is totally new. Pistons, sleave's and all ! Gearbox is made for Race use and all parts are NEW!

Gearbox: -1=3,5 -2=2,33 -3=1,7 -4=1,4 -bevel gear=3,77 -Limited slip with plates!!

6 x Billstein, Mintex, Sparco, Sapelt, Weber 40, ........

Door panels are from aluminium,

No any damages, no rust, no used parts, no no no...!

See photos and I respond all your questions if you have some in your minde.

Toni is ready to SELL or CHANGE this Rally Gordini for ALPINE 110 !

If it isnt sell before September Toni start to driving Historic Rally serie with this Gordini. Thats why he rebuild it !

Toni dream is still ALPINE 110 for Rally and race use so lets see what is happening......

Do not hasitate to ask some details for this car if you are REALY interesting.

This car is not cheap as you can understand ! It is new and profesional build for Rally / Race use.

Here is the car!!

You can see, this is a "NEW" car.

Everything is totaly rebuild and for RACE use !

My son Jere is driving with R 5 Turbo 2 after I have polish it from every where(not from the engine and gearbox).

Engine is made from new parts to race use!!

Water cooler is made from aluminium and moved at front.

First time this car was seen at Classic motor show in LAHTI.

It was in my stand.

All contats in my e-mail or my Mobile phone, Jukka

jukka.suvisalmi(at) or +358 400 890 443