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PROTO Dauphine de "VEREZ" 1596cm 807-G

La Dauphine "DE VEREZ" and it is manufacturer by Roger Onffroy de Verez

La Dauphine "DE VEREZ" 2010 by Patrick "BIS" Poisliveau and story in BERLINETTEmag


YuoTube link! >>The sound of "DE VEREZ"/ Olymeca Sport / France


PROTO Dauphine de "VEREZ" Owner nowadays Patric "Bis" Boisliveau

PROTO Dauphine de "VEREZ" Rebuild by OLYMECA, Jean Olivier


Link >> France


Roger Onffroy de Verez

Miss France?

De VEREZ on race in ITALY driving by "BIS"

OLYMECA-SPORT in France 2007

VEREZ was repuild like a new, engine, body, rollbars...

Everything is paint like it were in early 1970

New wheels, seats...... It is magnificent work from OLYMECA-SPORT!!

DMT is "the" specialist in the boxes 330/353/364/365, which we equip the car

"September 14, 2007, we had taken RV to modify the box of Dauphine the proto "OF VEREZ" " write "Bis"

There were drew really too long... hole between the 2 and 3 and damages between 3 and 4.

With 5th gear the "theoretical" report/ratio giving 249 km/h to 7500 t/mn (ideal in a great descent but not with Dauphine!)

New gearbox is 1. 3,25 2. 2,16 3. 1,65 4. 1,36 and 5. 1,09

Look for these wheels! Never broken any moore!

It is magnificent work from OLYMECA-SPORT! Congratulations to Jean and the team!! (Hey, it is lyric!)

There is 150 cv DIN / 7800 T/mn engine 807-G! with injection Kügelfisher

Gearbox 5 max. 180 km/h at 7500 T/mn

Weight : 720 kgs with oil/water/petrol

Like in Rod Stewards old song: Do you think I´m se.. I mean FAST ! I think "de VEREZ" is both!

De Verez were in town! It is "nasty" aggressive looking, "frog" pose, light, fast, French thunder !

Look out Ferrari drivers ! This is FAAAASSST......!

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<Olymeca-Sport / France>



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