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Renault 8 Gordini project in South-Africa !!

Hi there Jukka,

First, let me tell you how I enjoy G-Forum and the inspiration and info I get from it.

I am restoring a 1969 R8 1300 Gordini and in South Africa it is nearly impossible to get spares for these cars.

I would like to ask you to help me find a supply of these spares from the G-Forum readers

I would be happy to pay for freight/post to South Africa from anywhere in the world

I attach a list of items for you and ask please can you pass tis on to your friends, who may have these things.

Maybe lying on their rubbish heap as they will not use most of these parts, if they race their G.

I attach some pics for you too

Many thanks for your help

Lytton Coomer

Hi Jukka

Thanks a lot for your responses.

I have bought things from Meca Parts now and they have been very good. Thanks you.

I will find Neon Retro tonight too, thanks again.

I am busy putting the rear suspension together now and should load the engine tomorrow afternoon too.

At last, I have been working every day for 3 months to get this car done, still about 2 weeks to go still though if I can get parts.

I must tell you I love watching the sire and the racing you guys do in Scandinavia,m I am jealous of you all.

We raced here yesterday, but the head gasket went on my G, too hot, but good racing,

I'll send you phoytos today as well, sorry they are so big.

Take care and I look forward to mseeing my sight Thanks you again

Take care and love to all the G folk up there too.

Cheers Lytton

It sounds fantastic !!

31.05.2009 ! Hi Jukka

I hope you are enjoying the summer there in Finland on the opposite side of the world.

I have now completed the Restoration of the Gordini here, but need the plastic steering wheel boss, both top and bottom sections and the cover section, with the logo on it.

Very difficult to find here, but hopefully if you can put this on the site, I may be lucky to get one somewhere in the world.

I attach two photos for you to see

Take care and look forward to more visits on to the site.

Cheers Lytton

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