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New Motor to VIB-12 / Finland

Press and Look !! "The SOUND of DOHC Gordin" VIDEO by Special Tuning S.Harinen, Finland

Part 3 !!

Gordini DOHC 1300cm Le Mans 1966 no:fam-07A modell T-58. Made for Alpine 210 prototype to long races like Le Mans.

Mauri rebuilt the engine. I try to fine some parts!! No change!

Bearings for the crankshaft ! At the end, Tammer Diesel (Tampere nekala!) find same size bearing from Fiat 128 Special

I got phone number to Oy Arwidson Ab in Helsinki. They sold 5 series bearings, special prize to me ! Why 5 series?

Well, in every series has only one (the middle "neck") bearing in right sizes. So that's why 5 series!!

If somebody needs Fiat 128 bearings(not to middle neck) I can sell !!

Cylinder head casket?? Do you thing it can be in local Renault dealers stock?? No mate, definitely NO!!

I found one maker here in Finland! He did it and very good work in dead! When I found his name, I but it in here!

Afther many calls, many bloody tiers, Gordini engine is in my garnage!!

"Jus but it in my Gordini" I thing! Jee it is so easy, as you all fokes all ready knew, or what??

Weber must be change to fit in Gordini! The original Exhaust is ok, only few new holes for nuts!

Yes but... Start motor, it didn't fit at the engine with the exhaust!!

Now I knew why in the "ORIGINALL DOHC GORDINI", were so funny looking exhausts! They have had the same problem!

The plate between engine and gearbox.... huh huh. Just remember that engine must bee at 20 degrees canting (position) in the Gordini!!

The reason is dry sump oil system! I was so tired... why i dont never learn!

There has never been, easy and clean project!! and NEVER COMES!

Okay... to the pictures....

Monster motor a way and DOHC in the Gordini

Over 6 meters!! "AERO QUIPE" oil house for the engine!

At the middle in the pipes, that "little" aluminium part is oil fillter adapter.

I have many pictures and few magazine from "THE ORIGINAL DOHC G"!! Just for cheking few things if some day...Yes yes !
Thanks for Automuseum Loheac people, for showing "THE DOHC" to grazy man from far a way from Finland!
Ok I cool down.. Dry sump oil tank is cool looking part, I thing. Just like in really race car... Hey THIS IS A RACE CAR!

It sounds fantastic !!

It sounds fantastic !!

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