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New Renault 8 Gordini project in England!

I have had a problem with my computer and have lost all my e-mail contacts!! I would like you to post this on G Forum so my friends knew too...

Jukka, Happy 2009 now it is here!!!

Quaife engineering, torque biasing differentials for the big gearboxes.

I now have firm orders for 10 here in the uk so the project can go ahead and I will see if any more orders will get us some more discount Quaife have given me an approximate price of £455.00 plus vat about £530..00 total this is about Euro 550 which is a lot cheaper than in their catalogue Euro 700 also they will
Quaife not make you 1 they will only make 10 I have orders for 8 and need to find 2 more customers if anyone out there is interested please get in touch.
I have attached a nice "action shot" I came across recently
Keep up the good work on the worlds Premier Gordini Site
cheers, steve

This is a new Renault 8 Gordini project in England. All readers knew this professional car builder Swan family.

Steve make all cars by him self and also drive with them in many races. Steve is not the only driver in this family! There is Liz too, Steve's lovely and fast wife!

That's not all. They have secrete the future race driver too, Malcom! Malcom is a young man and has speed in his blood all ready!!

If I am right, this car is coming to Liz? (maybe for Malcom some day)
As you can see, this car is coming to be a very good looking and as the older ones, very fast!!
Liz send photos here time to time so we can see, what is happening to this car.
Enjoy this project too.
One thing we all must remember, this project is professional project so look and take a good tips to yours project!!

Here is Malcom and a few very good proof from Stev's works quality! Do not take any presure, Steve! Just relax...

Link to Steves site 8gordiniworkshop

Please see attached up to date photos. Since these photos the car is now on 4 wheels on the ground, race seats are back in, the engine is now fully fitted again, re-wired up to dashboard just the front to do.

Next on the agenda will be the doors.
The car should potentially be back together again before next weekend, then I will need to book it in for an MOT.
More pics to follow


Liz send moore photos 30.05.2008 and in next Monday is the MOT. So afther Monday they have plates in Gordini and then just drive!!

More photos is coming soon.........